VisiOS Tutorials

■ How to set up VisiOS
■ Browser compatibility
■ How to save bookmarks
■ How to open the Sidebar OS
■ How to make VisiOS window apps

■ How to set up VisiOS
To install VisiOS, click here.
Please pin the VisiOS icon so it is not hidden within the extensions icon.

Also, don't forget to check "Allow in Incognito", so you can open multiple tabs at once.


■ Browser compatibility
VisiOS Browser Compatibility
The Firefox version is still in development. Will be released soon!

■ How to save bookmarks
There are multiple ways to save bookmarks to VisiOS.

Tab List

Bookmark Toolbar

Tab Groups

All Opened Tabs

All Bookmarks

■ How to open the Sidebar OS
Right-click on the tab manager (not on tabs) and click "Open Sidebar".
(NOTE: Vivaldi and Opera don't have a sidebar feature yet so this function isn't available)

Open Sidebar OS

Click Tabs (sidebar)

■ How to make VisiOS window apps
VisiOS has a code editor. You can make a window app within 5 minutes.


You can make any apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. You can even use CDNs and remote images.
However, there are some differences from regular programming in HTML/CSS/JavaScript due to the security policies of Chrome/Edge:
1. html/body tags are already written internally. (You don't have to write them, so you can just focus on your content!)
2. DOMContentLoaded events won't be fired. (Since DOMs are already loaded before your scripts are executed)
3. You don't have to load sQuery since it's a part of VisiOS. (It's just a 9.5kb local file)
4. Due to Google's security policy, Cookies and localStorage functions aren't usable
Protip: If you save everything on a server as a webpage and redirect to it using location.href or something similar, you can bypass all these restrictions
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